Monday, April 10, 2006

What Really Happened

Contrary to the blogger I quoted in "From Under The Rock", Cliff Pearson of the North Texas Independent Media Center gives this description, which matches what I saw and heard much better, including these gems:
There were only 11 counter-demonstrators, most of them admitted members of the right-wing anti-protest group "Protest Warriors." Their signs contained their trademark outrageous messages, such as "One Flag, One Language, One Nation," and "Illegal Means Criminal." One of the counter-demonstrators was singing into a megaphone, with lyrics including the phrase, "You're going to fry, fry, fry in Hell [for being an undocumented alien]," and "Got to go back home."

Despite their tiny numbers, the counter-demonstrators did manage to cause a large ruckus when they began throwing bottles at demonstrators. Police responded quickly, however, by deploying several "response teams" to contain the situation. About 40 Dallas Police SWAT team members set up a human barricade as well. ...

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Watson reported that it was a "peaceful, family crowd" and that they had made only one arrest, for public intoxication. The only medical calls were for very old or very young people collapsing from the heat. Emergency personnel reported only five of these incidents.
And to cap it all, the AP gives us a very appropriate picture for this day before the Texas Runoff:


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