Monday, April 10, 2006

From Under The Rock

It did not take long for the Rejectionists (of human values and progress) to jump upon the oh-so-scary huge march of the "otherwise hued" here in Dallas yesterday. Someone named Brian Epps, at his blog called Random Numbers (and if you really want to see it you can find it yourself) says
If I had written about yesterday last night, my post would have been filled with epithets and not very coherent.
Thanks for small favors that he saved us from that. He says "a very millitant [sic] group holding provocative signs and loaded down with very angry looking young men" slapped his camera out of his hand and kicked it down the street when he took a photo of "a sign with Che Guevera on it". He claims more:
"You got a problem, white boy?" said the thug closest to me.
I didn't see any such signs, but it was a huge crowd, so there might have been. If there was, it seems to me the sign toters would have been glad to be photographed. Being seen is why people carry signs. What are they going to do -- go to a march hiding their sign under a paper bag for secrecy? I suspect if this happened at all, he was more provocative than he is admitting (even to himself). No matter; if this did occur, then in a perfect world -- where the police by their count were not outnumbered by 1000 to 1 -- then the camera-smasher should have been arrested. Amazingly, only one person was collared at the whole march, and not for any such thuggery. Considering the number of cell phones (and media cameras that would jump on any such item), that tells me there was no epidemic of any such improbable events. Epps goes on to say
I am now out one $300 digital camera and trying very hard not to think badly of all Latinos over this incident.
That sparked massive linking from a bunch of Righter-Than-Thou types seeking desperately for a stick to bash the marchers with. Michelle La Bellicose (the Defender of Ethnic Concentration Camps) and InstaLinkingProf both peeked up from their keyboards to call out "Lo! The poor abused Anglo!" (leaving to their Rat's-Paws to conclude "That shows we need to ban immigrants!"), and so a horde of commenters descended to show support -- and their very ugly true colors, much worse than those of that clueless one (whose sidebar contains an ad: "Iran wants nukes? Let's give 'em a couple.") Here are just a few samples appended to his post:
"If it had been me in your situation, I would have charged at those punks with everything I had. I live just north of Dallas in Frisco, where Mexican migrant workers are found in plentiful numbers. Every morning 30-50 of them congregate outside a gas station in the old part of town, all waiting to be picked up for work." ...

"As I recall, Texas has gun carry permits. Next time, when covering these protestors, bring a gun." [Credit here: Epps has the sense to reply "Anything that a gun could have done to defuse the situation would have landed me in the pokey."] ...

"But we guess it doesn't count as "violence" unless it's the wetbacks who get beaten."...

"Damn wetback pigs! ... Good thing I didn't go, seeing as how I don't go anywhere without packing ... Oh, and when I say "good", I mean it as in "I don't need the legal hassle afterwards", because plugging those Neanderthals wouldn't have cost me a second's worth of sleep." ...

"I don't think it's beyond the pale to consider that the pathologies that Latin immigrants have imported from their home countries has had an adverse effect on our own domestic tranquility." ...

"If these "protests" continue, however, we're all going to have more than broken cameras to worry about, and DFW may not be American much longer. If these people are trying to start a war, they're on the right track. My only question is how far are the rest of going to allow ourselves to be pushed before we dig in and start pushing back. After all, America is still OUR home, right?" ...

"Hire an illegal at 10 cents and hour, and make him scrape dogshit off your shoes for 2 months."
Should we paraphrase the style of the site of Tiny Emerald-colored Pigskins, and say that these are examples of the universal love shown by The Ethnic Group Of Peace? Nah, let's not fall into their own living snake pit. I will refrain even from the temptation of wishing retroactively that some of my ancestors had adopted real immigration controls in 1491.


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