Friday, April 07, 2006

Exit Shoving

In the district now occupied by about-to-be-self-outed-from-Congress Tom Delay, his Democratic opponent Nick Lampson held a news conference to denounce Governor Goodhair's refusal to call a special election, thus leaving the people there with no representation at all once Tommy flees town. (Actually, that would be an improvement....)

Tommy's thugs, notable for intimidating the elections department to stop recounting in Florida in 2000, struck again. Delay's campaign manager actually sent out emails urging their little deluded dupes to show up and "give Lampson a parting shot that wrecks his press conference." Sure enough, a gaggle of sign-toters with an airhorn raided Lampson's conference. Juanita's has the report:
One elderly Democratic woman was slightly injured when she was assaulted by a DeLay protester. The male DeLay supporter first hit her in the face with a sign and then grabbed her hat and tried to pull it down over her eyes. Think about this: Your Congressman asked his supporters to go out and assault old women. Okay, "wreck" them.
and she also has the pictures.
Reporters come forward to try to hear what Lampson came to say. ... The more the reporters come forward, the more DeLay's troops try to keep them away from Lampson.
Well, at least they dressed in a variety of different shirt styles. The color coordination is the next step. By the way, is your passport ready?


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