Monday, April 10, 2006

Vow Of Chastity, Anyone?

World O'Crap bravely continues her dissection of coprolites:
Anyway, while Rumsfeld may be incompetent, at least he's studly -- per K.Lo and Midge. Midge will explain what this means to our society.
Lopez: What does it say about our culture today — and about American women (of all ages!) that Rumsfeld's become a sex symbol?

Decter: What Rumsfeld's having become an American sex symbol seems to say about American culture today is that the assault on men leveled by the women's movement, having poisoned the normally delicate relations between men and women and thereby left a generation of younger women with a load of anxiety they are only now beginning to throw off, is happily almost over.
Yes, it's time for the return of the manly men --guys who can, with a swagger and a few drinks, casually decide to invade other countries!

May God have pity on our souls.
Every day we should be thankful that she engages in this forensic investigation and returns with the lowlights, so that we won't have to get our own eyes in the toxic waste.


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