Monday, April 10, 2006

Making Sport Of The Man, Or Pre-Men, Or Something....

Doghouse Riley gets irked at David Brooks, who issued this idiocy re the supposed North Carolina lacrosse team rape:
Several decades ago, American commentators would have used an entirely different vocabulary to grapple with what happened at Duke. Instead of the vocabulary of sociology, they would have used the language of morality and character.
Riley surgically skewers him:
And several decades ago, whites could simply murder blacks with impunity in many areas of the country. So maybe that's not the best place to go looking for tales of morality laid low.

But beyond that, and leaving aside how easy it is to say and just how much proof Brooks offers, what is this supposed to mean, "the language of morality and character"? Isn't the amply demonstrated racism on the part of some members of the Duke lacrosse team a matter of morality and character? Isn't the abuse of the less powerful by the privileged a moral issue?
Why, no, that's just the point for Brooks and his ilk. Prejudice, exploitation, and sexual abuse (especially of the lower classes, don't you know?) are not immoral acts for our privileged betters, whose laces we are not worthy to tie. Reference the current administration.

Dallas-born Texan Jaye Ramsey Sutter piles on in the comments:
One aspect of this story that enrages me is how Brooks' paper keeps putting this story on the sports pages. Yes, yes it is about a team, but rape isn't a sport. The woman isn't a goal, although it is interesting that they rape her as a team, cover it up as a team. They are sort of having sex with each other as they take turns raping her.
Euwww, thanks for that mental image, Jaye. I can see the movie now: Backboard Mounting.

UPDATE: Alice of wonderland or not spots the news that "DNA has cleared the Lacrosse players of any guilt." She still considers them pigs, with good reason, considering their emails and such. The full news story is even more revealing:
Attorneys Wade Smith and Joe Cheshire said the tests showed no DNA from any player was found on the woman, her clothes or her belongings. The medical results showed the woman hadn't even had sex, the attorneys said.
Yes, even racist, elitist, sexist jerks can be not guilty. Just as technology has freed a lot of people from prison (even from death row), it has saved these falsely accused scum. Let's all applaud; let's not pretend ultimate justice has been done here.


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