Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My, That Was Quick....

So now openly gay Massachusetts State Senator Jarret Barrios has decided not to run for District Attorney of Middlesex County after all. He gives reasons at his web site:
However, the rigors of working more than 100 hours a week on the campaign have imposed major burdens on my young family. At this time in their lives, the children need more time with their parents. And I cherish my time with them. I simply could not justify the sacrifices involved in running for this office, when there is so much that I can continue to accomplish in the Senate.
I mention this because he had a fundraiser here in Dallas on March 31, hosted by (among others) our own openly lesbian Dallas County Democratic Sheriff Lupe Valdez. Haven't heard yet how that went financially, but this is a major disappointment to a lot of local supporters of his. He still looks like a good bet for a major political future -- though that judgement may be warped by wishes.


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