Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Missed Opportunities

Nancy Pelosi, as most party leaders in Congress do, is timidly tiptoeing her way along.

I was disgusted when she said impeachment was off the table, thus going to a gunfight with no weapon at all. (Some are trying to put it back on the menu.)

I was revolted when she went to the White House "for George Bush posing as a bipartisan" (to revise the phrase of the 9th Marquess of Queensberry). She should have responded to that invitation by pointing out that this man has accused her party of treason, and he has not withdrawn, apologized for, or even promised not to repeat this grossly un-American charge. When he publicly does that, then he knows where to find her. To meet with him without his repudiation of his conduct would be to sanction it -- which is just what her meeting with him did, even before his patronizing decorating remarks.

Now I'm sickened that she is delaying a vital decision and letting the war party takes shots at her. The right wingnuts are denouncing her for even considering putting in someone else as Chair of the House Intelligence [sic] Committee instead of Jane Harman. That Bush puppet is either an incompetent fool or a willing warmonger. Bite the bullet and get rid of her. No, not for Hastings (who actually was not guilty of crimes that merited impeachment any more than Clinton was, but he's irrevocably been tarnished by the accusaions anyway; fortunately, word is today he is withdrawing from consideration) but for somebody else, like Rush Holt.

Nancy, you are not in the divine Sarah's class. Stop auditioning for Hamlet and charge ahead full speed.


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