Thursday, November 09, 2006


You go get involved in campaigns and let posting slide, and what happens? People start changing their URLs. Jude Nagurney Camwell of Iddybud, one of the very first to cite anything from this blog when it began, has decided that her blog took too long to load, so has moved to a new site at Iddybud Journal, a "daily blog of progressive politics, faith, photography, and my life in Upstate New York".

Considering the election results, the forgotten part of the state should be feeling upbeat now. As for the Democratic contenders that didn't quite make it this time, recall the words of Heinlein back in 1950: "In the year 2050, there will still be outhouses in upstate New York." And, apparently, still a few members of Congress who belong in them -- but not as many as there were on Monday. Congratulations.

And another one moves on: Matt Glazer is shuting down JAB to do more posting at Burnt Orange Report and at the blog of DriveDemocracy. Good luck to him on his new gigs.


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