Thursday, November 09, 2006

How About Here?

Yes, Dallas County went Democratic, with a flood. We won every single county-wide race we ran in here, and even a few of the statewide candidates carried this county. (Chris Bell even got a plurality here, though not a majority.) Kirk McPike, who was a big factor in the win by running the volunteer GOTV program from the north Dallas office, expresses jubilation at Burnt Orange Report. Hopefully he will post some of his detailed number crunching soon. In the meantime, there is a quick summary and links to detailed results (reprinted from the DCDP's email Roundup) over at StoutDemBlog. And Daily Kos links to a Houston Chronicle story about it.

There is a lot more to say about the ins and outs of this massive victory, but I'm still recovering -- and keeping my fingers crossed that none of the narrowly defeated Republicans demand a recount, even though I think the figures will hold up. As one blogger noted (sorry, but I misplaced the link), the Republicans set up these paperless machines (which we used here only for early voting) in the belief that they would be the presumed winners, since they knew no trail means no way to change the votes. Ooops!! Now they're on the short end of that scheme. It reverses the old poem applied to the Democrats after the 1876 Presidential election commission debacle:
"They digged a pit,
They digged it deep,
They digged it for their brothers;
But it so fell out that they fell in
The pit that was digged for t'others."
And it serves them all right. Good riddance to the Republicans.


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