Monday, November 27, 2006

Our Lone Star Loon

On Late Edition:
SEN. JOHN CORNYN (R), TEXAS: ...I think we're talking about 20 to 50,000 additional troops to embed them with the Iraqis, so that when we clear areas, we can actually secure them.

Then we need to disarm the militias. We need to arrest al-Sadr and make sure the government has a monopoly on the use of legal force.
Of course, they already do have a monopoly on the use of legal force, which proves that is worth nothing in the middle of a full-scale civil war. As for trying to arrest al-Sadr, he is surrounded by lots of armed fanatics who will die to protect him. There would be lots of American casualties and even more Iraqis, probably including al-Sadr himself. Killed, wounded, or just captured, he becomes a martyr and tens of thousands of his supporters take to the streets with guns and mortars and bombs. The U.S. forces would have no choice but to slaughter thousands of them in self-defense as they retreat to no-longer secure bases, and then we'll see pictures of the last stragglers trying to grab onto the landing gear of the helicopters leaving the embassy roofs as we abandon the country.

Let me tell you this as a Texan and one of your constituents: Senator Cornyn, you are stark, raving mad. This idea is beyond delusional, it is criminally insane. In a just world, the International Criminal Court would sentence you to personally dig graves for all the Americans and Iraqis your bloodthirsty proposal would destroy. With a short shovel. In the Iraqi sun. Shown live on Al-Jazeera television.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people are nutts. Embed more troops? Like they will be anymore invisible then they are now? Give me a break!

8:16 PM  

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