Monday, July 24, 2006

News Flash: Water Is Wet

Glenn Greenwald reviews John Dean's new tome at great length:
Dean contends, and amply documents, that the "conservative" movement has become, at its core, an authoritarian movement composed of those with a psychological and emotional need to follow a strong authority figure which provides them a sense of moral clarity and a feeling of individual power, the absence of which creates fear and insecurity in the individuals who crave it. By definition, its followers' devotion to authority and the movement's own power is supreme, thereby overriding the consciences of its individual members and removing any intellectual and moral limits on what will be justified in defense of their movement.
Gee, do you think he might have learned that from observing, say, a previous employer of his? What possesses him to think this is a change from the way the rightwingnuts always were?


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