Friday, July 21, 2006

Blaming La Víctima

El Machete 2006 continues to report on the great Mexican election theft:
Loret de Mola, echoing an argument that critics of López Obrador have voiced, asked the candidate of the left why his representatives in those polling places where the "actas" were altered didn't complain or why they signed those "actas" if they were so irregular. ...

A few days before the election, I denounced on a Mexican Internet forum that López Obrador's web sites had been hacked. For some reason I don't understand, López Obrador's team didn't denounce that attack publicly.... A serious poster on that forum replied saying that the blame fell on López Obrador's computer team, because they didn't have the security expertise required to do their job right. ... So I replied ... saying:

"If your young sister is raped by a thug, instead of condemning the rapist, would you take it against your sister because she didn't carry a gun in her handbag or because she didn't learn martial arts to defend herself?"

I got no reply.


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