Sunday, July 16, 2006

Peace In Our Time

Kevin Drum, formerly of "Calpundit" and now of "Political Animal", posts another of his typical waffling uncertain "don't expect me to take sides" jellyfish rambles. This time Kevin is explaining why he seldom says anything about "Israel-related subjects". Shorter Kevin: I don't know enough to wade through all that hatred, because everybody'll call me names.

Right, so let's just say nothing about any crimes by any side, or about US government involvement in them. This is the kind of fawn-like flight which caused me to generally stop reading him years ago, and which drives me instead to turn to almost any kind of moral certainty and fearless taking of stands, such as Arthur Silber.

But the good news is found in one of the comments, which actually has a great, albeit likely an impossible, solution to the whole affair. Unfortunately, A) it doesn't go far enough, since it should be applied to the entire Holy Land instead of just one city, and B) the anonymous poster can't spell for crap. But go enjoy it anyway at this link.


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