Friday, June 09, 2006

Shorter Posting At Chairmageddon

Texas bloggers, encouraged by a Democratic Party office that says it will provide them press credentials and space at the State Convention with web access, are going to be live-blogging this weekend's events in Fort Worth. Dos Centavos is already there (and gives his hotel and cell number), as is Eye on Williamson (at an undisclosed location). The delightful Annatopia, who already lives there, is deservedly running for the Platform Committee from Senate District 10. [Shorter Anna: "I'll use our planks to build a frame."]

Several have taken sides in the hot race for State Chair. The Red State is for Boyd Richie [shorter Eddie: "Unity is fine after we beat you losers"], but Capitol Annex is for Glen Maxey [shorter Vince: "No, really, I like consultants"], and so is Marc's Miscellany [shorter Marc: "He was politer to us newbies"], as is Common Sense [shorter Nate: "I'm for him, mais je ne sais quoi"], and also McBlogger [shorter Mc: "Glen will put the suburbs on the hot seat"], who is angry over the Austin American Statesman's fierce condemnation of Maxey. [Shorter AAS: "Forget the Alamo -- we only want Democrats who refuse to take on fights unless they can win, because we miss hanging around with powerful rich guys that aren't Republicans."]

Probably our best known group blog, Burnt Orange Report, is divided on the contest. On that site R. Kirk McPike explains why he's for Richie [shorter McPike: "Bo has the Mo."] Andrew Dobbs is strongly backing Maxey [shorter Dobbs: "I'm for Glen because I'm still mad at Martin Frost."] It also posts some late letters from Boyd [shorter Richie: "Vote for me because I can roll off more cliches than anyone else"], and Charlie [shorter Urbina-Jones: "I can better represent you as an individual because the collectivist masses endorsed other people"], and finally a joint appeal from Charlie and Glen to the Nominating Committee to abstain from making any recommendation for Chair [shorter Urbina-Jones and Maxey: "Achieve unity of direction by not moving at all."]

Predictably, a lot of elected and party officials have been making endorsements in this race, sent out in emails or mailings. A great many more unusual supporters have emerged for Richie, including a fluffy angora bunny, an adorable kitten, an adorable puppy a "Canine-American activist", a tiny tortoise and another bunny, a fluffernutter sandwich and a Face-o-Jesus tortilla, a roll of artificial grassroots, and a bowl of split pea soup. Maxey's only reality-challenged endorsements came from our hitherto-undiscovered 255th Texas county, Heimlich County.

But, seriously, I wrote back in March that I would be for the candidate who did the most to make sure Barbara Ann Radnofsky defeated Gene Kelly for our U.S. Senate nomination [shorter moi: "I'm so scared about our local races in Dallas County that I couldn't care less what the State Chair does after the Runoff."] Thankfully Barbara did that, thus sparing us all a disaster this November. I'm still waiting to hear which (if any) of the three deserves the most credit. Really, I do enjoy and respect all these bloggers I tease here, who are going to be covering the confrontation at Cowtown. Can any of them please enlighten me on this point?


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