Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On The Other Holster....

My snark at the self-defeating strategy of the sycophantic New York Libertarians (see the item just below) should not be taken as lack of respect for those (far too few) genuinely principled folk in that movement, the ones who don't drink the neocon koolaid and kiss Bush's feet. For instance, those who agree with me that the Texas Constitution does a much better job than the federal one of protecting our typical Lone Star closets full of firearms. (See Section 23 of our state Bill of Rights: "Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State".)

For a fun ride by one of those genuine believers in freedom, even from Republicans, take a gander at an ongoing online graphic novel, Roswell, Texas. This Texas tall tale is
set in an alternative history in which, mostly because Davy Crockett survived the seige at the Alamo after having felled General Santa Anna with a 600-yard rifle shot, the Lone Star Republic never did annex itself to the United States, but went its own way. ...
I'm sure lots of blue state dwellers right now also wish that had happened, and Bush never had made it to the White House. Actually, considering recent polls, I think that might include 46 other states today.
The action is set in 1947, when Charles A. Lindbergh, president of the Federated States of Texas, dispatches his best friend and bodyguard, William "Wild Bill" Bear and his three top Rangers to the west Texas town of Roswell (New Orleans is a Texas town, too), to see what crash-landed there on July 4th.
You can read the comic as it is put up a page at a time at the publisher's site, beginning here. The author is science-fiction writer L. Neil Smith, and the artist is a former Texan himself. Get some popcorn and have fun viewing.


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What would America look like if every possible split had taken place? Balkanized North America from some librarian with a home page here

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