Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Digging Up The Old Ones

SUGAR LAND (AP) -- Prereformologists announced here today that they have pieced together the skeleton of what may have been the largest money-eating polisaur ever found. The monster, with a claw spread capable of reaching as far as Austin, has been named Cunctatorsuarus Tomasae.

The scientists noted signs of social behavior in these ancient creatures. The excavation found a pile of hundreds of the monsters, indicating that they may have hunted in packs. One scholar cautioned, however, that there were indications that they also were chewing each others' bones in this deposit, so they may have turned on each other when cornered. This short-sighted cannibalism might have hastened their demise.

Speculation is that these giants preyed on the biggest known fundosaur, the now extinct Sociedadanónimasaurus, a border-straddling people-eater. When those were finally banned and hunted to extermination after the Great Uprising, that left no cash source sufficient to support these newly-found huge predators.


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