Sunday, April 16, 2006

Uplifting Alabama

Deeper in the old slavocrat states than we are, Alabama this year features that Ten Commandments in the courthouse jerk, Roy Moore, running for Governor as a Republican, against an incumbent in his own party who tried to raise corporate taxes. Into this madness creeps a Libertarian candidate who has gotten some publicity based on her anatomy rather than her ideas. Pam's House Blend has the story:
Women of ample cleavage must stick together; the assumption that boobs=stupid, boobs=slut or boobs=return to mommy's teat surfaces all too quickly -- and openly -- as we see here in completely inappropriate, irrelevant ways. Are "the twins" always what matters first to these folks?
I'm all for Libertarians getting on the ballot and running, because they tend to take votes away from the theocratic Republicans. So let's hope the sexist media continues to belittle her. The publicity (and the reaction to it) can only help split off GOP votes.


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