Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Spy In The Land Of The Living

A Tiny Revolution is upset by the latest ploy of The Enablers Of Evil:
David Sirota points out here that the Brookings Institution has launched something called "The Hamilton Project" led by Robert Rubin.

Looking at it, you can tell right away who the Hamilton Project is for: Wall Street Democrats. Or as I like to call them, "The Party of Gay Investment Bankers and Corporate Lawyers Whose Grandfathers Worked in the Roosevelt Administration." (In fact, by my count, its advisory council includes twelve investment bankers.) They're people who should naturally be Republicans, but just can't bear having to hang out with Pat Robertson. ...

Times are tough for rich people who aren't completely insane. They understand the insane rich are ascendant and well on their way to destroying everything. In fact, this is probably the longest-running debate in American history:

Insane Rich: Let's kill everyone and take their money!
Non-Insane Rich: I like the way you think. I really do. But if we keep them alive and working for us, we'll make even more money in the long run.
Insane Rich: You communist!

Still, it might be nice if the Democratic party didn't get all its ideas from people who hate Democrats.
(Spotted at UFO Breakfast Recipients; the title comes from Ms. Millay's masterpiece.)


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