Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Machoist Proposal

I have been inspired by this news item:
A pair of deer died in a northern Indiana pond after their antlers were locked during combat. ... "They broke through the ice," Bessinger said of the bucks. "Their horns was locked and they stumbled down to the pond and the ice broke through and they drowned." ...

The antlers would have to be cut or broken to be separated. Bessinger is having them mounted in their fighting posture and plans to exhibit them at the wildlife park.
Now with the wonders we're hearing about the possibilities of gene therapy, how about whipping up a batch that will make George W. and Osama Bin both grow great big sets of deer antlers on their heads? Then we can pit them against each other in a steel cage death match. Gasp in awe at the worldwide ratings! Think of the fortune in pay-per-view profits! And finally, at least one of them will be eliminated -- and with luck, we'll never have to deal with either one again.


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