Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hollywrong Rears Its Head

Those conservatives who doubted that the deal allowing US port facilities to be controlled by a Dubai company would be safe can now pat themselves on the back. The final evidence is in of just how horribly anti-American that firm must be. Just look at who those vicious monsters have hired as a spokesman:
A DP World executive said the company would agree to tougher security restrictions to win congressional support only if the same restrictions applied to all U.S. port operators. ... "Security is everybody's business," senior vice president Michael Moore told The Associated Press. ..."But anything we can do, any way to improve security, should apply to everybody equally."
If you wouldn't want your children to sit in a darkened theatre watching this bloated leftist's disingenuous propaganda, how can you trust him to check cargo containers for dirty bombs? Oh, it's clearly an insidious plot by the Axle of Evil!!


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