Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When Katrina Comes

(To the tune of Led Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks".)

If they keep on drillin', marshland's goin' to sink
If the Corps keeps paddin', audit's goin' to stink
If the storms reach Five, no water's fit to drink

Global warmin' made the waves grow so high
Vultures swarmin' made all the Ninth Ward cry
They let homes soak until they could never all get dry

Your mouth moans your heart groans
When they say they don't want you back home
No one will hire an exile
From the city they lost
You're stopped at the turnstyle
Lest you remind them of the high cost

Votin' is useless, suin' just wastes you more time
The pols are truthless, judges are partners in crime
When hurricane says, poor folk, your home is mine

Ten long months tried livin' in Texas and moped
All this year we acted like damn fools and hoped
Pictures show our section's still left police roped

Turning, turning back to NOLA.... Driftin' to New Orleans... There ain't no point to take you...
Going back... going back now... going back


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