Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Been Near Year Since Katrina

(To the tune of ZZ Top's "Jesus Just Left Chicago".)

The man took off from Crawford, to fly over New Orleans
From scripts he did read off word, 'bout those underwater scenes
Oh, woe
Photo-opping all the press on board, so they'd show he's not mean

Made a stop in Mississippi, on the porch of Strom's fan's home
Agreed it was such a pity, that the poor folk had to roam
So, go
Away from their own city ('cept those trapped inside the Dome)

His guards will not let you near him, and they'll keep you in a Zone
Keeping free speech all neat and trim, until Air Force One has flown
Stow, yo
No one will, on a whim, have any chance to tell him facts unknown


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