Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Meltdown In The Middle Of The Road

As the Episcopal implosion continues, the Fort Worth, Texas, diocese adds fuel to the fire by seeking to break ties to the rest of the American church. The local Startlegram reports that "Fort Worth's is one of three dioceses that does not recognize female priests....", a line continued by In The Pink Texas with
"...or sentient human beings. The other two are Misogyny, Mississippi, and He-Man-Woman-Haters-Club, Utah."
But the local sexists who want to split because the U.S. church chose a woman as its national leader for the first time ever may be too late. Their "no girls allowed" protest may get lost in the fireworks over the church's general suicide.

One day after "the 800-strong House of Deputies resoundingly rejected the Anglican hierarchy's demand for a moratorium on the consecration of gay bishops", at a "rare joint session of the whole Church at its three-yearly convention" the cowards in the cloth chickened out and agreed instead "to 'exercise restraint' in appointing any more gay bishops". This, as is usual with such abandonment of fundamental principles, angered both sides.
Thirty liberal bishops issued a statement of dissent, saying that they could not abide by the new resolution. Bishop John Chane of Washington, a prominent church liberal who officiates at the National Cathedral in American capital, said that he would not agree to block the ordination of any gay bishop. "I will defy the resolution by consenting after prayer and careful consideration to any person duly elected by a diocese in this church," he said.

On the other side, five conservative bishops accused the General Convention of "misleading the rest of the Communion by giving a false perception that they intend actually to comply with the recommendations of the Windsor Report". They continued: "We therefore disassociate ourselves from those acts of this Convention that do not fully comply with the Windsor Report."

They said that they repudiated the actions of the convention....
I will spare you the obvious quote about the fate of those not hot or cold, but lukewarm. I'm not sure Episcopalians still read that text, anyway.


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