Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Moral Calculus

The Veep of Darkness comes to Waco (and fails to raise as much money this time as he did two years ago for the Republican Congressional candidate who is going to lose to Chet Edwards). Reporting on the bothersome people that don't know their place who were there to un-welcome him, an article spotted by Common Sense contained this quote:
Cheney also drew about 25 anti-war protesters who, led by the Waco organization Friends of Peace, criticized his role in the Iraq war. One sign proclaimed, "Impeach Cheney,' and another blamed the vice president for "lies — war — torture."

"We should not be killing innocent Iraqis to the degree we have," said Jim Goodnow, a 66-year-old protester from Terlingua, Texas.
And just how many innocents should we be killing? Careful -- don't want to sound too radical now.


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