Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Emperor's Enablers

Bush's minions displayed the real reason they were upset about the Falun Gong reporter at the gushing photo op with China's head killer this week:
During yesterday's court hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Angela George argued that Wang's statements were not protected by the First Amendment.

"She was yelling at the president," George said.
It wasn't embarrassing the U.S. -- which would be a shameful enough charge, if calling an organ-harvesting murderer on his crimes is an embarrassment to this government. It was lese majeste toward the Maximum Leader here.

But there was an even worse instance of sycophancy by the abused.
Before the Secret Service escorted Wang from the media platform, a cameraman pulled the banner from her hands and tried to quiet her by placing his hands on her mouth.
The media not only lies for him, and lies about or ignores his critics; it now has sunk to even physical assault on those who question him.

Jefferson once said if we had to choose, we would be better off with newspapers and no government, instead of a government and no newspapers. He didn't foresee a day when the papers would still exist, but become nothing but willing tools of the ruler.

I say again: check your passport, and start learning a foreign language. Quickly.


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