Friday, April 21, 2006

Not Delusional Or Anything Like That

Katherine Harris continues as the ever-renewing source of arrogant clueless stories for the Florida media. Take this latest wild tale:
A defense contractor seeking help from Rep. Katherine Harris for $10 million in federal money last year took her to one of Washington's most exclusive restaurants, where he paid for a meal that may have cost as much as $2,800 and offered to sponsor a campaign fundraiser for her. ...

In her interview Wednesday, Harris acknowledged for the first time that Wade had paid for the dinner at Citronelle, reversing a statement from her congressional spokeswoman earlier this year.

But in the interview, Harris also said her campaign had, at some point, "reimbursed" the restaurant.

When asked how she could have reimbursed a business that was owed no money -- Wade paid the bill that evening -- she abruptly ended the interview and walked off.

Her spokesman called back an hour later and asked a reporter not to publish anything Harris had said Wednesday night about the dinner.

On Thursday, Harris' campaign released a two-paragraph statement that differed from her explanation a day earlier. It stated that Harris thought her "campaign would be reimbursing" her share of the meal but later found out that hadn't happened.

To resolve any questions, the statement said, "I have donated to a local Florida charity $100 which will more than adequately compensate for the cost of my beverage and appetizer."
The agenda of the Florida press is clear: they want her to withdraw from the race, so some Republican with a chance to win can run instead. Unfortunately, her pledge to give $10 million to her own campaign has scared away any potential winning Republicans. They'd have to raise that much to beat her in the primary, then that much more to beat the Democrat two months later. Fageddabout it.

She's not crazy, though. She knows she doesn't have to win this fall. All she has to do is keep the race close enough for software to steal it.


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