Saturday, August 05, 2006

Defector Dog

(To the tune of "Rocky Raccoon".)
Joe Lieberman had a back-up plan:
He started his own private party.
They thought him done, but Joe was the one
That everyone knew was a smarty.
Joe'd had it easy, since last century,
And so the foe found Joe unready.
His wealth he did flaunt, and his name was Lamont
But everyone knew him as Neddy.
A blogger named Kos pushed Lieberman's loss
To send a message to the nation.
He told the net, "Don't let us forget
Presidential hugs, and osculation."
Lamont got the mo, he defeated Joe,
So Joe chose to run as a solo.

Beltway pundits got red, shouting out "Ned,
Why how dare you pick on an incumbent?"
They said "Ned, you should be ashamed"
And Ned was, like, "I won't be defamed.
He's a defender - bitter ender - of a war we all lament."

So on November eighth, Joe lost all of his faith
He could still fool all the masses.
His neocon friends all found out in the end,
When voters kicked them in their asses.


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