Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The House That James Built

eRobin of Fact-esque reports that
A Penn Hills man is offering a 1770s log cabin to anyone willing to take it off his property.
Unfortunately, she didn't read far enough and missed an even more amazing bargain:
A Washington, D. C., man is offering a 1780s structure to whoever will finish tearing it down and haul its remnants away. It was originally built in 1787, though ten extra rooms were added to the rear shortly thereafter, and a dozen more gradually over the two centuries since. The original structure was in classical enlightenment style, though years of modifications have rendered that design rather obscure.

The first floor orginally had three large main rooms. Two of those chambers, called the "legislative" and "judicial", had fallen into disuse, and so the walls separating them were removed over the past five years. Despite that expansion, the contents of the remaining main chamber, the so-called "executive room", are swelling beyond the space available, and so the current owner has decided to junk the entire thing and rebuild. In full disclosure, he warns that the whole thing was only made of paper anyway.

Those interested should contact G.B. at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


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