Thursday, August 03, 2006

Paging David Neiwert

We need the web's leading documenter of eliminationism and its malcontents to cover this at Orcinus. It looks like the desperate Lieberman supporters are turning into attempted provocation of violence. The story is at "Hail Mary Attempt #1: Lieberman's New Thug Strategy", with more and some photos at "Paid-for Thuggery". This has a terrifying stench of brimstone and jackboots. We should all be very afraid.

This reminds me of a great scene in Allen Drury's third novel (before he forgot to tell a story along with his propaganda), Capable Of Honor. The bad candidate is watching on TV while the Senator making his nomination speech at the national convention (picture a super-vicious version of Joe McCarthy, except that he's a lefty here) engages in rabid demagoguery:
"Jesus!" Governor Jason exploded in a terrible voice, so savage and uncharacteristic that it actually frightened his secretaries. "Can't somebody do something about that--" But he remembered abruptly that no one could, for he himself had put him there. As suddenly as he had spoken, he was silent.
Exactly what has the Kisser of Presidents unleashed? And does he even care any more about the consequences of his campaign?
Ned Lamont and Lieberman were fighting for the crown:
Ned Lamont beat Lieberman all round the town.
Once thugs wore black shirts, once they wore brown:
Joe's thugs wore white shirts and chased Ned out of town.


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