Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Only Savior For Democrats?

Right now Clinton and Obama are neck and neck, and the way upcoming primaries and caucuses lay out, there is a good chance that it will stay that way. At the Convention, it may boil down to whether or not the Florida and Michigan delegates (mostly for Clinton) are recognized.

If they are, she likely wins -- and the Obama people accuse her of stealing the convention, giving them an excuse to sit on their hands and giving Republicans ammunition to accuse her of being a corrupt manipulator. Great way to lose in November.

If Florida and Michigan are not counted, then Obama may win -- and the Clinton people accuse him of being anti-democratic and denying the will of the people , giving them an excuse to sit on their hands and giving Republicans ammunition to accuse him of being a corrupt manipulator. Once again, the Democrats are crippled or doomed in November.

Is there a way out of this dilemma, short of a Vice-Presidential deal before the Convention?

Yes. We can avoid this problem by turning to the only untainted candidate still in the race -- the forgotten Mike Gravel. What's more, he actually came in ahead of some of the already-withdrawn candidates (like Dodd) on Super Tuesday, bettering his usual dead last place. This means he's got momentum, or Gravementum, or Gravelitas, or something. The deadlock means turning to the man from Alaska.

In passing, we should note that this will not only avoid a bitter party split, but also best McCain's appeal to the most heavily-voting demographic, the youth-challenged geezers out there. Gravel (born six years earlier) is the only one who can pull a Reagan against McCain and talk about that Republican's youth and inexperience.


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