Saturday, October 27, 2007

Is It Real Or Is It Satirex?

Over at that Volokh place (no, I won't link to that), they were quoting a "former Clinton Adminsitration National Security Council staff member" defending rendition. This is not a good sign for the future, considering that his former boss's spouse is the likely next Democratic nominee. It did give rise to one of the most bizarre comments I've ever read, which helpfully was quoted in the comments at John and Belle's blog:
The one Canuk [sic] was siezed [very sic] when he had yet to enter the US (he was in the Customs area of JFK). I cannot believe that there are so many drooling mental defectives out there who believe that non-present [metaphysically sic], non-resident, non-citizens, of the US have any rights at all vis-a-vis US law. As a libertarian I oppose such extraterritoriality. US law should stop at the border.

I do think, of course, that rendition should not be done with taxpayer funding but rather with corporate funding or charitable contributions.
Yes, friends, when torture is outsourced and privatized, it will be cheaper and better and there will be more of it! That's the free market at work!

I think that someone totally missed the point of what private enterprise is supposed to be for. Let me paraphrase Eugene Debs: while there is a soul in this country who calls this accessorizing of evil "libertarian", I am not free, and won't ever be liberated by them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeezus, what a whack job and there are many of them out there. People who put things before people.

10:57 PM  

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