Friday, May 05, 2006

The Really Invisible Hand Strikes Again

Prairie Angel spotted this:
Religious leaders were to meet in Washington today to pray publicly for gasoline prices to ease, organizers with the group Pray Live said.

"It is our hope that seeing and hearing some of the nation's most powerful preachers gathered around a gas station and the United States capital as a backdrop, will remind everyone who is really in charge of our world -- God," said Wenda Royster....
The story was dated April 27. Curiously, gas kept getting higher thereafter. Perhaps it was another instance of this study:
Researchers from Harvard Medical School and five other U.S. medical centers found, to their bewilderment, that coronary bypass patients who knew strangers were praying for them fared significantly worse than people who got no prayers. ...

The mammoth prayer study cost $2.4 million and enrolled 1,802 bypass surgery patients.


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