Thursday, April 27, 2006

Welcome To My Daymare

Now permalinked to your right (in accord with my rule: you link me first) is the "aspiring Christian cosmetologist" Sister Nancy Beth Eczema's Edicts of Nancy, which seems to fall in the same school with Jesus' General. I fear I may not stay on her list however, because she added a caveat:
"as long as the bride is a woman and this Acheron person is a man, I'm cool with it".
Imagine her surprise when she learns that Acheron is not a man at all. I quote here my Blogger User Profile (which I removed the code for from my sidebar, since it took up too much space, so it only shows up when someone clicks on my profile if I comment on their Blogspot posts -- if anyone knows how to adjust that, please let me know by email):
To ancient Greeks, the Acheron was the river newly dead spirits were rowed across to Hades. In the play by Sophocles, Antigone was sentenced to death for illegally burying her brother in defiance of a tyrant's orders. Resigned to her death to uphold her principles, she says that she will not wed her fiancée, but will become a bride of Acheron. My website is named in her honor.

The ad is for La Mariée était en noir, François Truffaut's film of Cornell Woolrich's The Bride Wore Black, about a woman widowed on her wedding day who tracks down her husband's killers for revenge. As with Antigone, her adamant determination to achieve justice should serve as a model to us all.


Blogger Sister Nancy Beth Eczema said...

Sorry about that, Bride. As Shirley Maclaine said in that hallowed work of Christian cosmetology, Steel Magnolias: "I don't watch public television." Praise Him!

12:04 PM  

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