Wednesday, May 31, 2006


As can be determined by decoding my sidebar, where linkers to me are listed in vaguely chronological order within arbitrary categories, the first male blogger outside Texas to cite something here was the Vermont Quaker NTodd, of the site Dohiyi Mir. (I think that means "world peace", but there are limits to even my polyglotism.)

He is now showing typical Yankee ingenuosity by staging an NToddathon, attempting to get up to a landmark (for him) number of visitors. In his case that very arbitrary number sought is 419,067. Why? Je ne sais pas. Now he's very close, and begging the blogoblatespheroidversetopia to point visitors his way to help.

Of course, it would be nice if he bothered to, like, permalink me on his sidebar, like he did two other personal friends of mine, at least one of whom hasn't posted in, like, forever? But we must be understanding. He's so busy winning his Perranoski prize, and being a finalist for Koufaxes (should that be Koufaxi?) that he can't get around to listing all of his unrequited blogrollers. We little people will just have to go thankless again. *sob*.


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