Monday, March 13, 2006

Putting In The Fix?

SDEC member Ken Molberg reports at DallasBlog:
San Marcos attorney Charles Soechting will step down as Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party ...

Plans currently call for Soechting’s replacement to be selected by a majority vote of the SDEC at its April 22 meeting in Austin. That replacement will serve until June, when the state Democratic Convention will elect a chair at its Fort Worth convclave.
Why now, instead of waiting for the Convention? Could it be because he (i.e., the real powers behind him) see this as the best way to preclude the election of announced candidate Glen Maxey? Could this possibly be homophobia by the Texas "appease the rural bigots at all costs" types? Potential delegates want to know....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or could it be that Charles just wants to move on with his life and it has nothing to do with a nefarious plot to screw the glbt community.

The gay community is not the center of the universe.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Bride Of Acheron said...

It could be that George W. is a compassionate conservative, and his administration's policies have nothing to do with family revenge and enriching his father's Carlyle cohorts. I don't believe that one either.

No, this is not (and I never said it was) a plot to attack the glbts. It is sycophantic appeasement of rural bigotry, and he would be doing the same thing if the candidate the powers that be feared was, say, an open atheist, or even worse, God forbid, just hated high school football.

4:09 PM  

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