Monday, December 19, 2005

Liars Figure

I was dubious about a report at Dean's World about a study showing how "unbiased" the media is:
NPR and PBS are far less left-wing than generally thought, and are actually admirably centrist. If you exclude the editorial page, the Wall Street Journal is significantly to the left of the Washington Post or the New York Times.
The commenters there pretty much chewed up the basic assumptions involved to show it was GIGO again. Then Sid's Fishbowl checked out the "researchers" themselves, to demonstrate what hacks they are:
Using the same "guilt by association" techniques that the professor uses in his paper, I conclude that he is far from unbiased. In fact, taking the average ADA score of the four groups in the previous paragraphs, which are all supported by the same foundations that have funded the professor in his research, results in a score that ranks the professor as more conservative than any of the news outfits in his rankings. More than the Drudge Report, more than Fox News' Special Report with Brit Hume, more even than the Washington Times.
Sad, really. Another foolish hope dashed....


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