Thursday, February 08, 2007

Crickets Continue In Chapel Hill

There has been nothing more to add yet to Letter from Here's comments from yesterday at "When attacked by swiftbloggers, you need to do the right thing. Fast. And you need to know what it is."
The longer there's no word from the Edwards camp, it's hard to avoid the cynical speculation that his people have been trying to broker a phony agreement whereby Edwards supports Amanda and Melissa's free speech rights 100%, while they say they're resigning to spare the campaign the "distraction." In any event, the longer this thing drags on, the more the outcome becomes a foregone conclusion. Not good.

Edwards is rapidly sinking deeper and deeper into a quagmire where there's no good alternative -- and where "do the right thing" becomes an oxymoron. Sound familiar?
I voted for Edwards in the 2004 Primary. If he still wins the nomination despite this display of weakness under rabid reactionary attack, I would still be willing to vote for him in November. Unfortunately, the righties would be able to play this up as waffling and flip-flopping and knuckling under to bullies. "If he caved in to mere conservative bloggers, what would he give up to Osama?"

The only way I can see him pulling out of this nosedive now is if he emerges at a news conference saying the two bloggers are staying on, because he doesn't take orders from hypocritical bigots, but that they had wanted to quit and he's been quiet so long because he's been convincing them not to leave, since that would be fanning the flames for those hatemongers.

(I hope this post winds up looking silly because it turns out he's already doing something like that as I speak.)


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