Tuesday, May 16, 2006

C'est Magnifique, Mais Ce N'est Pas la Guerre

Just how demoralized are the far wrong-wingers these days? Enough for major theocratic players in their Coalition of the Wailing to begin saying they will sit it out this fall, just to sink the Bush Bad Bouys. Knowing the Reps are going to lose, these Dominion-mongers think if they jump ship now they can take credit for the unavoidable defeat. Meanwhile, others are trying to find a platinum lining in the impending Democratic Congressional takeover.

Just yesterday, The Anchoress praised as "funny but all too true" the diagram of a clever plan at the Point Five blog. Entitled "A Fiendishly Simple Path To Republican Victory In 08", it is subtitled "An in depth analysis of how a Republican loss in 2006 midterms will be the best strategy for winning control in 2008." The expandable flow chart is loaded with alternate paths, many winding up with "Hillary 08! OOPS!" Across the board are frequent repetitions of boxes labelled "McCain Appears On Meet The Press" and "Dean Says Something Stupid". Like a maze, it only has one path that ultimately leads where he wants to go, and in this case it requires passing through a box for "Dems Control House". If you can ignore the repeated spelling of "concensus" [sic], you finally make your way to a GOP win.

It is neither sad nor tragic, but rather a confession of ideological and moral bankruptcy that he can only picture one path for their recovery. After the House Democrats ignore the Iranian nuke threat, Iran bombs Tel Aviv, then "Israel/US Joint Retaliation", followed by "Iranian Sleeper Cells Activated", with "Massive Casualties Throught [sic] West", "Middle East In Ruins", "Worldwide Depression", then "America Demands Strong No-Compromise Republican Leadership To Continue The New World War". The final comment as the plan reaches Victory is "Except For The Millions Dead, A Perfect Ending To A Perfect Plan".

When it gets to the point that the bad guys can't think of any other way to win short of mass death in a world war, we don't have to worry about them claiming to be a party of ideas. They are now the party of idées fixes, following their leader over the cliff like lemmings. The new American political Edsel: not available in stores for long, because, just like the Hummer, it is about to be discontinued by the manufacturer. Let's try not to gloat too much, because we're going to be cleaning up their mess for years.

(Another Tuesday cross-post to American Street.)


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