Friday, March 31, 2006

Why November Matters

Easter Lemming catches some rightist fear and trembling. Let's hope they're correct this time.
Most senior Democrats have attempted to remain noncommittal about censure and impeachment. They are waiting to see which way the wind blows.

The answer may be found at the local level. So far, 11 town councils have taken up resolutions supporting impeachment; eight have passed, the largest being in San Francisco. State Democratic parties have adopted similar resolutions in California, Nevada and Wisconsin. ImpeachPAC, a political-action committee devoted to supporting pro-impeachment candidates, lists 14 Democratic candidates mounting congressional campaigns centering on impeachment. ...

The odds are at least even that Democrats will win the House in 2006. That would make Conyers chairman of the Judiciary Committee, free to push through resolutions and hold hearings as he sees fit.

Feingold is running for president, and as he reaps political gains from the base by pushing for censure (with the possibility of impeachment), other Democratic contenders will gravitate toward his position. Remember that in 2003 the Democratic field was uniformly pro-war until Howard Dean made hay from the antiwar movement, causing the serious candidates to vacillate.

Impeachment is still in the distance, but make no mistake: Eventually the circus is coming to town.


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