Thursday, February 09, 2006

On The Scale Of Horror

Shakespeare's Sister rants:
Of course, the whole point of the story is not that Nia's madness was beautiful; it's that she was. And that when the effective antipsychotic drug with which she was treated made her gain weight, she suddenly wasn't beautiful anymore. Nia didn't care; she was just happy to be well again. But everyone else around her, including her doctors, were fretting endlessly about her having to give up her beauty for her sanity. So much so, that they took her off the drug and replaced it with a different one that didn’t have weight gain as a side effect. When she slipped back into psychosis, only reluctantly did they put her back on the original drug. ...

Give me a fucking break. The girl went from standing for five hours, not moving a muscle, to mental healthfulness. Perhaps the most devastating part of this article is the final salvo, in which her newfound sanity is actually questioned because she doesn't care that she's fat.


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